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balancing the early for races

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balancing the early for races

Postby Yawgmoth » Tue Oct 04, 2016 09:38

i already tried out the early for all races
on legacy nox (already deleted) and terteths
on supremacy uni 4 i tried confederation

the nox:
actually i like their style and the evolution stuff but:
-only 20 population in warships as quest reward is pretty bad u cant do much at all with that
-units r cheap, but also get easily destroyed, i dont see the balance here cause nox will always have to recover losses which they cant properly while other races dont have to worry that much about it, this is especially for fights with more than 1 round where losing a lot of units each round very much decides the outcome
-u cant beat terteth and confed. warship rewards (20 scouts aka 20 rogues with each 40 popu) making u easy prey and u cant open a farm by urself in early

-good start similar to confed u can do a lot once u find a farm or open one (opening a farm means u beat another players low tier ships, easy if the other party is not very active) , from there on it s easy sailing through the ranks

-the best starting race i think, thx to the higher amount of ress u get for robbing inactives/ farms
- the best starting ships in my opinion with high life values making ur losses very small (good for hunting upgrade points from renegades)

cant say much about the endgame as i only just reached the destroyer lvl for confed and my terteths r still in the budding phase (i m considering developing to tier 3 renegades for more upgrade points, so i m still stuck with rogues and interceptors)

if i forgot any good or bad points plz point it out for me

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