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Sun attacks

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Sun attacks

Postby fartunko » Thu Mar 23, 2017 05:25

For this flight you need at least 50,000 population of any kind ships! The flight will be 12 hours if don`t have "Obelisk".
The meaning of this flight is to gather crystals for building obelisks(3 special crystals for 1 obelisk). You need 3 obelisk for starting Supreme Star Gate.
If you play seriously you will need 226 008 population of ships for having real chance to get crystal.
I will give you example of the some ships witch you need to have. The amount of ships will more from max % to stay with special skills and the second round of your fight.
First of all you need 3 races special ships!
Destroyer (konf) - 1200 = 36,000 population
Goliath (tert) - 1100 = 30,800
Hornet (nox) - 1000 = 17,000

second is to have special ability ignore armor.
nox darth (nox) - 10,000 = 10,000 population (the amount is more cos will be need it next rounds if you lost it)

You need ability devastate
Cruiser (conf) - 1,000 = 7,000 population -> you can get it with nemezis 3700, or interceptors 1400

Bonus life
3000 guardians = 36 000 population (the amount is more cos in other side witch is sun support will have lots of bombers and they are priority of guardians)

Bonus armor
1500 battle cruisers = 22,500 population (the amount is more cos will be need it next rounds if you lost it)

the left free population you can place 1000-1200 bombers from 3 races to complete the limit 226,008!

Very important are science at least maximum alongside with ships upgrades. Please upgrade the ships will use in team fleet, not need to spend recourse on thing are not in use.

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