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Perfect Fleet for collecting upgrade points (renegate atack)

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Perfect Fleet for collecting upgrade points (renegate atack)

Postby fartunko » Mon Mar 20, 2017 14:29

First one you need to have hangars/nesting grounds/vault at level 20 (25,112 population available).
Race -Confederation

600 guardian(6x600=3,600 population) for special ability bonus life(max %)
790 battlecruiser (15x790=11,850) for armor boost(max%)
322 destroyer (30x322=9,660) for revival - chance to revive some of the lost friendly ships during the battle round
-all = 25,110

race -Terteths

400 shieldbot(7x400=2,800) - bonus life(max%)
1,200 space armada(13x1,200=15,600) - armor boost(max%)
239 goliath (28x239=6,692) - mega power - applies on a friendly group of ships,increasing their attack power
-all = 25,092

race - Nox

1,000 absorber(3x1,000=3000) bonus life(max%)
1,667 ghost(10x1,667=16,667) armor boost(max%)
320 hornet(17x320=5440) freezing - applies on a hostile group of ships,reducing their attack to zero (0)
-all = 25,110

U need to have shipyard on level 10 and some random battle science like 15 ships defence ,10-11 laser,10 ion, 8-9-10 plasma. Upgrades of the ships also are not important (0)
The amount of losses will be between 10-20 pieces of special ships (destroyer/goliath/hornet) so i recommend you to build it in second planet and adding the losses after each attack.
You will collect 330,000-340,000 up points.

If you have consumables capsules - use it
10% bonus life
10% bonus armor
10% bonus attack
10% bonus upgrade points
This capsules are working only for renegates!

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Re: Perfect Fleet for collecting upgrade points (renegate atack)

Postby maxwell2012 » Sun May 19, 2019 00:06

The best ever seen Renegate attack/Hangar level10

This sample is not valid for Odin endless server, because of its diffrent Legacy set up.

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